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Examples of past exams, rubrics, and notes created for use in my classes and recitations.

Teaching Portfolio: List


Select Teaching Evaluations from Kansas State University

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MATH 100

College Algebra 

MATH 100

College Algebra

MATH 150

Plane Trigonometry

MATH 205

Business Calculus

MATH 220

Calculus 1


  • "Mr. Miller has put in extra effort, outside of class, to help me with the material, and I appreciate that very much!" -MATH 150 Spring 2017

  • "The instructor took extra precaution when he knew we did not understand a subject. He gave each student the tools to success in the class. He also tied in a real life application to the subject material. I was able to learn much more in this course, and under this instructor, rather than the entire normal semester of this course. Many in the class felt comfortable enough to speak up and participate in class. Overall the instructor was very effective in teaching the class."- MATH 100 Summer 2017

  • "I have always struggled with math outside of geometry. However, Joshua Miller made me not only understand the course material, but made class enjoyable. He is by far one of my top three math teachers ever and one of my favorite college teachers up to this point. " -MATH 205 Summer 2019

  • "I think that Joshua Miller did an awesome job navigating and helping us learn through these difficult times. He went above and beyond to make sure we were prepared for the material on our homework and exams. To do that, he recorded all of his videos and put them in canvas, he created extra videos to prepare us for the exam, he responded quickly to all emails, and was just overall willing to help us as much as possible. Very thankful for him!" -MATH 100 Fall 2020

  • "Joshua Miller was overall a great professor. Sometimes when I had questions on the homework he would help me out right away. He was very kind when I had to be somewhere on Fridays that he would post videos of the homework to make sure that I got what he was talking about." - MATH 100 Fall 2020

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